Lawrence Ripsher


Lightroom + Blurb

For about a year now, I’ve been using lightroom for 95%+ of my post processing needs. I recently switched to the RC for Lightroom 4 and despite some perf issues, I really like it. One of the nicest features is Blurb integration. I’ve created a couple of photo books in the past but never liked having to use separate software, image catalogs, workflow tools, etc. Now LR4 supports book designs and direct publishing to Blurb which should solve all those problems. I decided to try it out last weekend and created a quick photo book of our weekend La Push trip. It took me about a half hour to familiarize myself with the new tools, then about an hour & a half to create the book and then 15 mins to upload. The book arrived this weekend, printed in Blurb’s new proline paper (which is v nice for a consumer product). It turned out great. I’m not entirely sure how to gauge whether the final product is expensive or not ($45ish for 35 pages in softcover and another $15 for a hardcover version) … as it’s hard to put a price on memories. I guess the bottom line is that I’m definitely planning to do this for all our major trips now in the future, so I’m voting with my $’s. Nice job Adobe.

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